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Subject: Fw: Intention to certify WS-RMD

IBM will use the WS-RMD specification and will certify that use, as
described in the attached note, prior to any submission of an approved
WS-RMD specification.


----- Forwarded by Ian Robinson/UK/IBM on 22/05/2006 11:53 -----
             15/05/2006 18:21          wsrf@lists.oasis-open.org           
                                       David Snelling                      
                                       Ian Robinson/UK/IBM@IBMGB           
                                       Intention to certify WS-RMD         

Folks, we are close to producing a committee draft of our last
specification (WS-RMD). Once the TC has approved a committee draft, the
steps to OASIS Standard are:
   produce a public review draft for public review
   deal will any public review issues and produce committee spec for TC
   submit approved committee spec for consideration as OASIS standard

The final step requires "Certification by at least three OASIS member
organizations that they are successfully using the specification; "

The way we did this before was to invite TC members to send the following
statement to the TC list on behalf of their organization.

"I certify that [insert organization name - must be an OASIS member
organization] is successfully using the WS-ResourceMetadataDescripot
specification, as approved for submission to the OASIS membership,
consistent with the requirements of the OASIS Technical Committee Process."

As discussed on the telecon today, I would like to invite TC members to
reply to this email to indicate - BEFORE THE NEXT TC TELECON ON JUNE 12 -
whether it is their intention to provide such a certification upon
completion of public review (which would be late summer 2006 if we conclude
that the comments of the PR do not require a 2nd PR). This will help the
discussion at the next telecon decide how far we should take WS-RMD along
the standardization path.


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