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Subject: Ongoing plans for WSRF TC

We discussed on the TC telecon today our plans to hold future telecons for
WSRF after the conclusion of the committee spec ballot for WS-RMD, which
will happen in the next week or so.
We agreed that - in the absence of any further business being brought to
the attention of the TC - we would plan to have our next TC telecon in
March 2007 to discuss any errata that we might wish to publish (for any
WSRF spec) based on ongoing WSRF implementation experience.

The TC operates under the old IPR policy; if the TC continues its existence
beyond April 15 2007 we will need to transition to one of the new IPR
policies. It is likely that the March 2007 telecon will be our last and
that we will then inform the TC admin that our work is complete so that the
TC can be closed.

If there is further business you believe the TC should discuss then please
send mail to this distribution. For now:
1) please remember to cast your vote in the RMD committee spec ballot once
it is started.
2) have a good Christmas :-)
3) speak to you all at least one more time in 2007

Ian & Dave

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