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wsrm-comment message

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Subject: [wsrm-comment] Online reference document for Reliable Messaging

In support of the work of the OASIS Web Services Reliable
Messaging TC, I have prepared a background document with
references to this domain.



"Reliable Messaging"

For now, it contains these document sections:

ebXML Message Service Specification (ebMS)
OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging Technical Committee (WS-RM)
Reliable HTTP (HTTPR)
Web Services Reliability Specification (WS-Reliability)
W3C Web Services Architecture Working Group
General: Articles, Papers, News

New sections can be added per request.  TC members and
other interested parties are invited to send email
notification identifying related technical activities of
potential interest.

Best wishes,


Robin Cover
XML Cover Pages
WWW: http://xml.coverpages.org
Newsletter: http://xml.coverpages.org/newsletter.html

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