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Subject: Draft 1.0 issues

Hi, a couple of things -

_AtMostOnce delivery_
From the draft 1.0 spec, in the header element RM:ReliableMessage,
RM:DuplicateElimination can be used to specify at-most-once delivery.
However, RM:ReplyTo is a mandatory element in RM:ReliableMessage, even
though it may not be needed for at-most-once messaging. That is to say,
if all you want to do is enforce duplicate elimination, you're still
forced to supply a ReplyTo element.

_MessageOrder and Orchestration_
Furthermore I belive it would be useful if RM:MessageOrder could be used
not only for the purpose of sequencing, but to provide a conversation id
for grouping of orchestrated message exchanges, potentially involving more
than two nodes.
There's already the GroupId, but i think it would be helpful if the
RM:SequenceNumber was made optional, and that the 'status' attribute moved
to SequenceNumber (makes more sense, no?).
The GroupId is then what binds several messages together, like the
ConversationId in ebXML Messaging v2.0 (i think).
And status of 'start' is implied anyhow by a sequence number of 1.

As someone already pointed out, it might be impossible to include the
mandatory RefToMessageId in an RMResponse fault message, say if the error
is 'InvalidMessageId'.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing the first publication come out of the TC,

best regards,


Martin Klang
http://www.o-xml.org - the object-oriented XML programming language

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