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wsrm-interop message

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Subject: Outline of white paper for XML Conference demo


Please review, comment, and critique the outline.  Would like to get a 1st draft out by Monday AM

Out of US all next week on personal business, so can't work on 2nd draft till Saturday Nov 29.

Thanks for your attention


Alan Weissberger
2013 Acacia Ct
Santa Clara, CA 95050-3482
1 408 863 6042 voice
1 408 863 6099 fax


Whitepaper Outline


I.  What is WS Reliability and why it is needed w/n SOAP/XML infrastructure:

A.  Definitions and key concepts; Essential purpose and scope

B.  Foundation protocol for all WS data, control, and security messages

C.  OASIS WS-RM TC progress and timeline: Requirements doc and Specification

II.  Protocol capabilities:

A. Guaranteed delivery,

B. Duplicate elimination,

C. Ordered (sequential delivery);

D. Concept of Group vs Singleton messages (should we mention Group Termination?)

E.  Requirements for RMP Receiver and Transmitter: including fault detection and notification to Application layer


III.  Messaging Models/ Reply Patterns supported (illustrations from the current spec):

(1) Request/Response Messaging Model

(2) Callback Messaging Model

(3) Poll Messaging Model


IV.  What application/ protocol capabilities are being demo'd; why are they significant to WS industry?


[need a lot of help from demo group on this one; I just have 1/2 page writeup Jacques sent to me this afternoon]

V.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[I'd like to stay away from a side by side comparison of MIB WS RM spec and duck the issue of "composability"]

[Tom sent a mail on this last week- any other FAQs?]


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