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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Preliminary minutes of WSRM TC meeting - April 8, 03


Not sure if you want clarifications to you alone or to the list. 
Obviously, I'm assuming the second.  Please see below...


On 08-04-2003 16:39, Tom Rutt wrote:
> Attached are the preliminary minutes.
> Please suggest any corrections before Thurday PM, I will post the final 
> minutes on Friday Morning.
> Tom Rutt
> WSRM Chair.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Preliminary Minutes of WSRM TC conference Call Meeting

> They want to work with soap intermediaries.  They would like to be sure 
> that architecturally that the spec will work with intermediaries.
> Dave Bunting stated that this is a reasonable request.  Faults and acks 
> going to the original sender is both good and bad.
I remember someone making a comment along these lines.  It was neither 
me nor a relative named Dave.


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