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Subject: Re: [wsrm] WS-ReliableMessaging: Where Are Message ID's


Yes, I believe your observations is correct.
They do not use a globally unique messageId to identify 
the specific message, but use group identifier - "Sequence/Identifier" 
and sequence number - "MessageNumber".

If the Sequence/Identifier's uniqueness is guaranteed,
I think it should be OK to identify the specific message 
with a combination of "Sequence/Identifier" and "MessageNumber",
even if they do not have globally unique message id.

And their "Sequence/Identifier" is similar to our GroupId.
But they mandate it for every message, but we use it
only for message ordering.


> It's been a long day, and I might be missing something. I just glanced
> at the GXA WS-ReliableMessaging spec [1] and noted that in the
> definition of message sequence, there is a message number but no message
> ID. From p.10 of spec:
> Sequence definition:
> <wsrm:Sequence ...>
>    <wsu:Identifier> [URI] </wsu:Identifier>
>    <wsrm:MessageNumber> [unsignedLong] </wsrm:MessageNumber>
>    <wsrm:LastMessage/>?
>    <wsu:Expires> [dateTime] </wsu:Expires>?
>    ...
> </wsrm:Sequence>
> Example:
> <wsrm:Sequence>
>    <wsu:Identifier>http://fabrikam123.com/abc</wsu:Identifier>
>    <wsrm:MessageNumber>10</wsrm:MessageNumber>
>    <wsrm:LastMessage/>
> </wsrm:Sequence>
> Yet, in WS-Reliability, we specify a GroupID in the MessageOrder
> element:
> <rm:MessageOrder xmlns:rm:="http://schemas.fujitsu.com/rm"
>       SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
>       <rm:GroupId status="Continue">020907-45261-0450@a.com</rm:GroupId>
>       <rm:SequenceNumber>12</rm:SequenceNumber>
> </rm:MessageOrder>
> Where GroupID is "used to specify the group of messages for which
> message ordering is guaranteed."
> Can anyone please confirm my observations? It seems very odd that
> message ID's do not appear in message sequences in the
> WS-ReliableMessaging spec.
> Kind Regards,
> Joe Chiusano
> Booz | Allen | Hamilton
> [1] http://msdn.microsoft.com/ws/2003/03/ws-reliablemessaging

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