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Subject: Input for Requirement document

All, Here are Fujitsu's input to Requirement document. This may not be consistent with the Requirement document Nokia provided before. 1.Synchronous request/response messaging. As discussed before, it is important to support this model, since SOAP is used with this model in most cases. 2.Firewall consideration We want to realize the asynchronous messaging through firewall. This could be realized with Pull model. Example of Pull model: When PC inside firewall receives a message, it initiates a connection to sender every XX minutes to pull a message in sender's storage which was prepared for the receiver. Thus connection is always initiated from the receiver. 3.Client/Limited resource device consideration Pull model also helps Client or limited resource devices which can send a message, but can't receive a message, to receive a message from others. Since these devices may not have static IP address, nor capability to stand-by for incoming message. 4.Attachment support We want to make sure the spec is available to use attachment, and include such description. Eg. MIME, WS-Attachments 5.Consideration for other WS-XX spec As described in the charter, that the spec should be consistent with other WS-XX spec standardized by standard body. And it might be appropriate for this WG to consider consistency with WS-RM spec, if it doesn't violate any other's IPR. Thanks, Iwasa

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