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Subject: Issues List updated - added to TC web site

Title: Issues List updated - added to TC web site

You can now find the issue list in the WSRM TC document area of the OASIS web site. Right now it is in the ContributionsToTC folder. For convenience I have also included it as an attachment. The URL is:


We are now at 25 issues, only five of which could be considered in active discussion at this point.

Some notes on this version:
Issues from the original contributions to the TC have been incorporated.

REL-1 Acceptance of initial requirements
We postponed discussion of this document on the last call. However there has been no further discussion about it on the list. Please see the document attached in the mail sent by Szabolcs Payrits on 4/22, http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/wsrm/200304/msg00059.html before the next call (May 6). There is a proposal to either adopt all of these proposals or to adopt them individually on the next call.

I have noted the following issues as active even though they have no official owner as I was able to extract some proposals for them from current list discussions. Some of these may be more discussion points than actual proposals.

REL-12 Usage/Capabilities of Transport Protocol 
REL-8 Intermediaries clarification  
REL-11 Message ID and GroupID/SequenceNo  
REL-24 Flow control

Marc g


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