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Subject: RE: [wsrm] Persistence requirement in the WS-RM specification

Hi Scott,

I was thinking that there would be a parameter passed as part of the WSRM
message that indicated the desired service level, e.g.,

     <wsrm:MessageType ServiceLevel="MUST_PERSIST">

The spec would define 2 or 3 base levels of service, such as MUST_PERSIST,
DO_NOT_CARE, and MUST_DELIVER. The semantics of the latter would be (for
example): "You MUST deliver the message to the application, whether that QoS
assurance is met through using persistance (to non-volitile storage) is up
to the WSRM implementation".

An ACK indicates the service level was met by the receiver. A Fault would be
available to indicate the WSRM node cannot meet the requested service level.

Putting pre-defined service levels in the spec will allow WSRM apps to be
written once without having to write special code for each WSRM vendor that
comes along that someone wants to send messages to.


[MG] I like this idea, though previously I didn't consider to put this kind of information into the message.
It could be optional. I started to think on the possible service level definitions as well.


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