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Subject: Draft Agenda for 6/17 WSRM TC conference call

Attached is the draft agenda for Tuesdays WSRM Conf  Call

Attendance is required towards the voting rights calculations.

Tom Rutt

Tom Rutt		email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@fsw.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

Title: Draft Agenda to WSRM TC Conference Call – May 06, 2003


Draft Agenda to WSRM TC Conference Call – June 17, 2003



The next meeting of the WSRM TC will take place by teleconference this
Tuesday June 17, 2003, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
(UTC - 4)
The call in details are as follows (this is a new number from last call):
Dial-in numbers: 
Toll Free - : 1-800-605-5167 
International - : 1-719-457-0339 
Passcode: 732072 
The draft agenda is as follows:
1 Roll Call
2 Minutes Discussion
2.1 Appointment of Minute Taker
2.2 Approval of Face to Face minutes

Face to Face Meeting Minutes:



3 Approval of Issue Resolutions from Face to Face meeting
4 Discussion of Requirements Issues:


Issues List: (From Mark Goodner):



6 Discussion of Specification issues 
(in Issues list from Mark Goodner)
7 Discussion of Editor’s Draft Requirements Document



If you have any other suggestions for the Agenda send them to the list.
Tom Rutt
WSRM Chair


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