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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Groups - wsrm-reqm-issues.html uploaded

Please note a problem I just found with the XML version of the issues 
list ([1] for example) and the Kavi system: These files may not be 
viewed online because Kavi puts every uploaded file into a separate 
virtual directory.  The DTD, XSL and XML files for the issues list are 
thus all in separate directories.  This is a problem because the XML 
file uses relative links to reference the DTD and XSL files and expects 
all three to be in the same directory.

If anyone knows of a Kavi virtual directory that contains all of the 
head revisions of our documents, please let the group know.  That would 
be the best way to access the XML file online.  Anything else (such as 
using absolute links to the XSL and DTD files) would require multiple 
updates whenever the referenced files change.

If you wish to view the issues list online and such a directory is not 
found, please use the HTML version ([2] for example).



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