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Subject: Re: [wsrm] We need to reschedule WS-RM conference call

I would prefer postponement by a week rather than later in the same 
week, since I will not be able to participate on Wednesday through 
Friday next week.



Goodner, Marc Andrue wrote:
> I agree with postponing next weeks call. I'm not sure that later next week is going to work as if some of us travel on Wed. due to the meeting next week that only leaves Thursday or Friday. It may make more sense to just keep the current time and postpone by a week. Keeping with the current schedule that gives most of us the next three Tuesdays WSRM meetings. That should be good for some more progress.
> Regards,
> Marc g
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> From: Alan Weissberger [mailto:ajwdct@technologist.com] 
> Sent: DTue, Jul 08, 2003 12:03 PM
> To: tom@coastin.com
> Cc: wsrm@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [wsrm] We need to reschedule WS-RM conference call
> Tom
> In the interests of harmony and peace, I suggest postponing the call.
> How about later the same week?
> alan
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