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Subject: [REL-46]Proposal for REL-46

 All -

 As per my AI from the last con. call, here is the proposal for REL-46.

 Issue: As per SOAP 1.1 spec. for Faults (section 4.4), "soap:detail
 MUST NOT be used to carry information about error information belonging
 to header entries. Detailed error information belonging to header entries
 MUST be carried within header entries". Unfortunately, this is not the case
 with the initial WS-Reliability spec. as all WS-Reliability specific faults are
 sent in /Body/detail. [[Actually, this is more an outstanding issue. It was in
 the Issues list at one point, but it was removed when Issues list was converted
 to Futures list as this is too low-level (technically) to fit into the former. ]]


 When a Fault occurs, we will be still sending the SOAP:Fault, however, without
 the /soap/Fault/detail sub-element.  Instead, we will be sending the RM specific
 fault code as a Header element. So we will be having an additional Header
 element called RMFault. The schema for RMFault will be the same as the
 earlier  rmFault.


 New changes in bold:

      <rm:RMFault xmlns:rm=”http://schemas.fujitsu.com/rm”>
      <faultstring>Error in the Message Header sent from Server</faultstring>
      <!-- <detail> ... </detail> element will NOT be there -->

 Schema for RMFault Header element:
   <xsd:element name="RMFault">
             <xsd:element name="faultcode" type="xsd:QName" />

 Note that there  is no 'soap:mustUnderstand' attribute unlike some
 other RM Headers, as this Header is for informational purposes.



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