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Subject: Rel21: From and To

I got an action item for Rel21 before.
Here are comments and proposed resolution
for Rel21:From/To elements.

Proposed resolution : Remove From and To
elements from the spec.

Reason: We had a big discussion in our development
team and some other companies that are implementing
the spec. One reason that we thought it's nice to have
those elements was they can be used for security.

However, we concluded that From and To are not mandatory
to realize Reliable Messaging. In this case, there are choices
whether "From/To" should be optional, or remove them.
And we think it is not useful if those are optional, since
an implementation can't rely on those elements.
That's why we concluded that it is reasonable to remove
those elements.

One additional comment would be about "Service" element.
And we believe this would be removed from the spec also.
But this could be a new issue to be discussed.



[From minutes for 7/15]
3.11Rel 21

Three proposed resolution, not yet discussed on email list.

1. Clarify definition of from and to as they relate to WSRM and make them
required elements.

3.1.1. From Element
The REQUIRED From element is used to specify the original sender node of the
message. This is used by the WS-RM layer to unambiguously identify the
original sender as there may be higher level addressing or routing schemes
in place that have delivered the message to the current receiver node making
the true origin of the message ambiguous to the current receiver node. The

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