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wsrm message

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SOAP 1.1, section 4.4 SOAP FAULT states:
The detail element is intended for carrying application specific error
information related to the Body element. It MUST be present if the contents of
the Body element could not be successfully processed. It MUST NOT be used to
carry information about error information belonging to header entries. Detailed
error information belonging to header entries MUST be carried within header

The absence of the detail element in the Fault element indicates that the fault
is not related to processing of the Body element. This can be used to
distinguish whether the Body element was processed or not in case of a fault


In WS-RELIABILITY, example 3 pag.11-12, detail element is used to refer error
information concerning an invalid header.
If I do not misunderstand section 4.4 of SOAP 1.1, a SOAP fault should still be
raised in case of troubles with headers (and placed in the body), but a detailed
description of the problem should be provided somewhere else in the header,
while the body should not contain any detail, but only faultcode, faultstring and
possibly faultactor attribute.

I copy the referenced ws-rm example.

WS-RELIABILITY, pag.11-12:
<?xml version=”1.0”?>
<rm:MessageHeader xmlns:rm=”http://schemas.fujitsu.com/rm”
<rm:RMResponse xmlns:rm=”http://schemas.fujitsu.com/rm”

            <faultstring>Error in the Message Header sent from Server
            < rm:rmFault xmlns:rm=”http://schemas.fujitsu.com/rm”>

Best Regards,


Paolo Romano

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