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Subject: New proposal for Reply to action item

Here is a new proposal, which incorporates much of the discussion.


Modify the definition for the AckRequested element to change the use of the

terms synchronous and asynchronous to the new terms “reply 
acknowledgment pattern”

and “callback acknowledgement pattern”.

Note: This proposal does not make reply to an attribute or sub-element 
of ackRequested, but includes the faults in the definition for the 
ackPattern attribute.

“*3.2.4. AckRequested Element*

The AckRequested element is an OPTIONAL element. It is REQUIRED for

guaranteeing message delivery and message order. However this element 

appear in a non-Reliable Message. This element is to be used for a 
sender to request the

receiver to send back an Acknowledgment message for the message sent. The

AckRequested element contains the following attribute:

- an *ackPattern *attribute

*(1) ackPattern attribute*

The ackPattern attribute is an OPTIONAL attribute. This attribute is 
used to specify

whether the Acknowledgment Message (or application fault messages) 
should be sent back directly in the reply to the reliable message or in 
a separate callback request. This attribute, when used, MUST have one of 
the following two values.

The default value of this attribute is “Response”, when omitted.

- *Response *: An Acknowledgment Message (or application Fault message) 
MUST be sent back directly in the Reply to the Reliable Message.

- *Callback*: An Acknowledgment Message (or application Fault message) 
MUST be sent as a callback request, using the address in the ReplyTo element

- *Poll*: An Acknowledgment Message(or application Fault message) MUST 
be sent as a response to a poll request


With this modification the ReplyTo definition can be modified as follows:


*3.2.2. ReplyTo Element*

This is an OPTIONAL element, used to specify the initial sender’s 
endpoint to receive a callback

Acknowledgment message or Fault Message. A value of this element MUST be 
present in the request

message if the AckRequested element indicates that the Callback 
Acknowledgement pattern is requested.

If present, the ReplyTo element is required to be URL as defined in [RFC 


Tom Rutt		email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@fsw.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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