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Subject: [REL-39]New definitions of AckRequested and Binding Pattern elements

 Attached is the proposal for new definitions for AckRequested, ReplyTo,
 and RMReplyPattern.

 This was Tom's AI from last con. call. Since he was on vacation, he has
 requested me to forward it to the group. Most of the work was done by
 Tom itself, with contributions from Scott, Iwasa and myself.


Title: The current text states:


Modify the definition for the AckRequested element to take out the “synchronous

attribute”.  Note that this makes the element empty (no value, no attributes)


Rename the Synchronous attribute as “RMReplyPattern” and make it a mandatory

element, to change the use of the terms synchronous and asynchronous to the new

binding pattern terms.

Note: This proposal includes the RM-faults in the definition for the binding

pattern element.


Make the Reply To an optional attribute of the RMReplyPattern Element.


It should remain an open issue as to which RM headers these two elements are contained in.



Change 3.2.4 to the following:

3.2.4. AckRequested Element

The AckRequested element is an OPTIONAL element. It is REQUIRED for

guaranteeing message delivery. However this element MUST NOT

appear in a non-Reliable Message. This element is to be used for a sender to request the

receiver to send back an Acknowledgment (or RM-Fault) message for the message sent.


The pattern used to send the  Acknowledgement or RM-Fault is  based on the value of the

RMReplyPattern element.


Change the existing 3.22 ReplyTo element to the following:

3.2.2 RMReplyPattern Element


The RMReplyPattern element is used for a sender to indicate what RM reply pattern is requested.

The RMReplyPattern element is a MANDATORY element. This element is used to specify whether the

Acknowledgment Message (or RM fault messages) should be sent back directly in the reply to the

reliable message, in a separate callback request, or in the response to a separate poll request.

This element MUST have one of the following three values.


   - Response : An Acknowledgment Message (or RM Fault message) MUST be sent back directly in the

Reply to the Reliable Message.  This pattern is not applicable for one-way application level MEP

   - Callback: An Acknowledgment Message (or RM Fault message) MUST be sent as a callback request,

using the address in the  ReplyTo element

   - Poll: An Acknowledgment Message(or RM Fault message) MUST be sent as a response to a poll



The RMReplyPattern element contains the following OPTIONAL attribute:

- a ReplyTo attribute


(1) ReplyTo attribute

This is an OPTIONAL attribute, used to specify the initial sender’s endpoint to receive a callback

Acknowledgment message or Fault Message. A value of this attribute MUST be present if the RMReplyPattern element value indicates that the Callback Acknowledgement pattern is requested. 

If present, the ReplyTo attribute is required to be URL as defined in [RFC 1738].


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