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Subject: announce for a POC initiative

Title: announce for a POC initiative


We are forming a proof of concept group (POC) for WS-R.
We are still not sure which status this group should have w/r to WS-RM (subcommittee?
more independent?) and would like to bring this discussion to the TC.
In any case, this is an invitation to all interested WS-RM members to participate.
This group should serve as an on-going implementation forum.

Our charter would be, so far:
- to share experience and guidelines about WS-R implementations.
- to promote a common, consistent, interoperable interpretation of WS-R specs.
- to provide timely feedback to the WS-R specification work.
- to prepare [interoperability] demos, and participate in PR events.
- to investigate interoperability and compatibility issues with other related specifications
(either competing or complementary), and do recommendations from an implementation perspective,
concerning both WS-R spec and implementations.

The way this started was informal: a few members ( Oracle, Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu)
had recently started to discuss their implementation work,
and the need for early interoperability trials.
The group met for the first time earlier in August, and based on current status of our implementations,
has been pondering the feasibility of a demo as early as the next WS-RM face-to-face (1st week September).
Yes, this is very short notice - but already useful if only to provide early enough feedback w/r
to the spec work and schedule. Whether to give more formal standing to this demo, is open.
(if not, a more formal demo could take place soon after, with PR)

We have also contacted more people from WS-RM TC, to see if there would be broader interest
in this even from those who are not that far in implementation work, or not ready to demo,
and finally we decided we should share all this asap with the TC.

So, let us now your interest in this, and whether you have some implementation underway
that we could maybe add to an early interop demo. You might also decide to join later as well.
We'll try to have weekly teleconf, our first call should be...
(as we love short notices, you can guess)
yes, tomorrow Friday Aug 15,  11amPT
Host: Fujitsu
Toll Free - :  1-800-251-6413
Toll - :  1-913-905-1400
Participant code: 598136

Hear you there or in a next one.


Jacques Durand
Fujitsu Software

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