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Subject: Re: [wsrm] New issues + formation of a new OASIS TC?

Some clarification please.

I am going back through a few older emails, checking that each is
reflected on the issues list.  For this one, I was unable to find 
anything to update.  What exactly are the QoS parameters that must be 
consistent over and above the requirement that ordered messages must all 
use the full breadth of available QoS options?  Is (2) anything more 
than an agreement to resolve REL-56 as Alan has proposed?

If this email amounts to a request for all messages in a group to use 
the identical URLs for recipient and callback endpoints, please let me 
know and I will add that issue.

By the way, if this is indeed the new issue, I would object that the 
proposed rules appear far too restrictive -- especially on the callback 
side.  If a sender wishes to use multiple callback services within their 
site for portions of an ordered sequence of messages, why should we get 
in their way?  Going a bit further, these restrictions seem to go 
against the WSDL concept of a service which includes multiple endpoints 
and against the BPEL concept of a business process which may correspond 
to a (relatively long lived) ordered sequence of messages at run time.


On 06-Aug-03 08:50, Alan Weissberger wrote:

> Are there any other config parameters?  They should be listed in an
> Appendix of spec along with default values and nominal ranges (min
> and max). We should note that the mechanism(s) for specifying/
> negotiating the config parameters are not part of the WS-RM charter
> If enough people are interested, they cn petition OASIS Board to form
> a new TC on configuration management/ policy. NEC would be interested
> in forming such a TC
> Rgds
> alan
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "iwasa" <kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com> 
> Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 11:29:18 +0900 To: "wsrm"
> <wsrm@lists.oasis-open.org> Subject: [wsrm] New issues
>> Here are two new issues:
>> 1. Parameters concistency within GroupID Spec should mention QoS
>> parameters(AckRequested, DuplicateElimination, MessageOrder),
>> Endpoints, and ReplyTo should be consistent within the same 
>> GroupID.
>> 2. Policy parameters As Alan suggested before, we should list
>> parameters to be decided between sender and receiver. We don't have
>> to describe how the receiver and sender agree with those
>> parameters.
>> Any comments?
>> Iwasa
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