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Subject: Proposed Resolution for Rel37

Here is a proposed resolution for Rel37:

REL-37 Spec 3.1.4 feature Design Unassigned
Title: Use of messageID in RFC2822
Alternative could be uri
The reason this exists is that software to generate
a unique id by RFC2822 is very common. This
guarantees uniquness, uri does not.

Global Unique IDs (GUIDs): Generating GUIDs is a nasty problem. One easy way
to solve would be that Sender asking the Receiver to generate one for it
before it initiates any reliable message.

Proposed Resolution:
Close this issue with no action, since now the MessageId is removed.
However there would be same issue for GroupId.
But I would like to keep the format for GroupId as-is, unless
someone propose a new format for GroupId.

Any comments?



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