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Subject: Psuedo-Kavi notification of new file versions

I (at least) have not seen an "uploaded" message on the list since I 
added new versions of the Issues List to our Documents page.  The new 
versions [1,2,3] have been available since late yesterday.

The two important update comments are:
* (for [1,2]): Updated to reflect the bulk of email discussion, the 12 
and 26 August teleconferences and the most recent version of 
Requirements document. Some updates to older issues, mostly to link 
consistently to the email archives and put details of accepted proposal 
in the "proposal" area instead of "resolution". Added new specification 
issues for 21 requirements from Requirements document.

* (for [3]): Move Accepted issues (editorial action items) to their own 

As always, [1] is much more useful than the other related files when 
viewed on the OASIS site.  Please review this document in detail as the 
changes are not minor.

Specific work remaining on the issues list includes:
* Update the status of specification issues to reflect current status of 
that document.  (The requirements issues should match that document's 

* Decide whether all editorial issues should automatically be 
"Accepted".  Otherwise, the group must vote on each or approve their 
implementation as a group.

* Decide whether the 21 new specification issues should already be 
passed the "Active" stage.  I left them with that status to allow the 
group as a whole opportunities to propose ways to address each 
requirement.  In some sense, Iwasa has made a few proposals in the document.

* Remove any specification issues that are now redundant.  I may have 
missed an older issue that matches the new issues derived from the 
requirements.  (Not sure this problem exists.)

* Tracking discussion since yesterday evening (of course)...

Sorry for the notification delay,


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