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Subject: [REL-XX]Proposal for POLL RM-Reply Pattern

 All -

 I had an AI @ the last F2F for coming up with a proposal for POLL pattern.


 Could you create a Spec. Issue for Requirement Issues 3.6 & 3.7?


  I'd like to propose to have 2 new Headers:


  StatusRequest will be the Header used by the Sender to send a poll/status
  inquiry to the Receiver. It will have 2 sub-elements. A mandatory GroupId
  and an optional SequenceNo. The types for these are the same as the ones
  in MessageHeader element.

      - GroupId  - Mid URI type - Mandatory
      - SequenceNo - UnsignedLong - Optional

  StatusRequest can be sent without a MessageHeader and hence can be
  piggy-backed on another Request or can be batched with other status requests.

  StatusResponse Header will be used by a Receiver to send the status back
  to Sender. It will have the following sub-elements:
        - RefToGroupId      -  mid URI type - Mandatory
        - RefToSequenceNo - unsigned long  - Optional
        - Status                    - QNAME        - Mandatory

  Possible Status Values are:
        - InvalidGroupId -  When the GroupId is invalid or un-recognized
        - InvalidSequenceNo  - When the SequenceNo is invalid or un-recognized
        - MsgExpired - When the message was expired (based on ExpiryTime)
        - MsgReceived - When the message was received and ack-ed by the RMP/

  Since all our Header elements are extensible, Implementations can extend with a
  new element called 'sub-status' and send more implementation specific details
  if desired. But I prefer that Spec. level requirements for Status be simple.

  Multiple StatusResponse(s)  can be batched or can be piggy-backed on Response.

  We should be able to share the above Status values with Fault Codes. Note both
  are QNAME types and hence shareable.

  Error due to StatusRequest processing will result in a Fault with error code


 Comments ???


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