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Subject: Re: [wsrm] reliable WSDL request-response MEP

Jacques Durand wrote:

> This is a piece of work on "reliable WSDL request-response MEP, when 
> HTTP is used",
> that should fall now under Rel 59 i believe, (see also section 8.2 in 
> f-2-f minutes)
> that was assigned to Sunil Kunisetty, Marc Goodner, Payrits Szabolcs 
> and myself , at the f-2-f.
> I have been the editor on this - let me know if you need another 
> format than .doc.
> We think its time to share this before it becomes too big...
> There is still some narrowing to do on the "proposals" in it, some 
> options to decide on...
Thanks for the good work to lay out the issues and possible solutions.

I really wonder what the use cases are for variants 2 and 3.  If we can 
simplify the protocol
by only supporting variant 1 (reliable request with reliable response) 
we will get out of the gate
sooner and meet the major use case for reliable request/response.

Tom Rutt

> For review.
> Jacques
> <<Reliable-Req-Resp-issue_V3.rtf>>
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