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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Poll Operation

In the invoice message if they added an ASAP header for a  
(perhaps providing the observerkey uri) with no response requested
(our one way scenario),
it seems like an observer could find the status by the ASAP RequestId
or alternately ContextData: both of which are opaque enough they could
use RM header inforrmation or not.
Admittedly reliability was originally to be out of scope for ASAP,
but it is a case of a query for service instance status information...

On Friday, September 26, 2003, at 03:39 PM, Tom Rutt wrote:

> I have expressed concerns that the Poll operation should be expressed  
> as part of the WSRM protocol using a soap header element.   Doug has  
> stated a preference to treat the poll operation
> as a separate WSDL operation.
> I think the question boils down to what we consider as parts of the  
> contract for the web service instance that the client is accessing.   
> If one considers the entire description for a particular web service  
> instance (e.g.,  an Invoice delivery service with a oneway WSDL  
> operation) to include its ability to use WSRM defined
> soap headers and protocol, and if the poll request message part will  
> never be piggybacked with an invoice message part,  I can see Doug's  
> point.  In this case, the adversised web
> service instance includes the ability to receive the invoice oneway  
> operation, as well as to
> be able to deal with the WSRM soap headers and act in accordance to  
> the protocol.  So it does not matter if the service description  
> includes the poll info as a message part bound to the soap body, vs  
> binding it to the soap header.
> However, if the client wants to piggyback the poll request with another
> reliable invoice request, the wsdl description might be complicated if  
> both are
> defined as message parts (for the same wsdl operation) bound to the  
> body. If there is no need for this "Piggybacked poll" use case, then  
> that is another concern which is removed..
> I was concerned about supporting use cases where someone would  
> consider the invoice oneway
> operation as the definitive specification of the web service instance,  
> with WSRM protocol usage
> negotiated in some other agreement, outside of the wsdl spec .  If  
> this use case
> is not in anybody's mind as an alternative, I guess my other concerns  
> do not apply,
> Tom Rutt
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