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Subject: summary of reliable req-response proposal

Title: summary of reliable req-response proposal

Here is a tentative summary of the reliable request-response proposal I have sent
a couple of weeks ago ( co-signed Marc G., Sunil K., Payrits S., Jacques D.)

Because it is a big chunk, we 'd like to get feedback first on the overall direction of the proposal
(summarized below).
Then there are still some details left to be discussed.



General recommendation on what WS-R should cover regarding Guaranteed delivery (GD)
of messages involved in a WSDL request-response :

1- Only the following GD cases should be supported by this version of WS-R:
- GD of request + GD of response (Variant 1)
- GD of request + no GD of response (Variant 2)
The following case should be excluded (not covered by this specification) (see Option 3.1.1):
- no GD of request + GD of response (Variant 3)

2- The recommendation for GD of request-response, is that its use of Ack and resend procedures
will differ from one-way ops in the following way:
- request-response is treated as a single transaction (will be entirely replayed, if either leg failed)
- in case of Variant 1, in case the response is not acknowledged, the request-response should not be replayed.
Instead, the Ack should be resent (see Proposal 1.2) (depending on firewall restrictions on either side,
either using RMP-level polling to get the Ack, or a resending mechanism for Acks.)(to resolve!)

3- Given the impact of supporting GD request-response on SOAP implementations (seee Appendix A),
recommendation is that it should belong to a higher conformance profile for WS-R.
i.e. some implementations that cover only the reliability of one-way operations
should still be considered as conforming at some level to WS-R.

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