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Subject: [Fwd: [chairs] XML 2003 Update]

Can the Demo SC answer the questions in this forwarded mail re xml 2003?

Tom Rutt		email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@fsw.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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First of all, I would like to thank those of you that have been working
deliberately to meet the 29 September deadline for the Interop Demo
scenarios to be presented at XML 2003 in Philadelphia. I appreciate the
abstracts that I have received. We have been granted a bit of a grace period
on these abstracts, it is not too late if you would like to secure a spot.

Earlier I mentioned that the demos would be held on the exhibition floor in
a theatre style set-up. The exhibit hours are  Tuesday 12:30 - 7:00pm,
Wednesday 12:30 - 7:00pm, Thursday 10:30 - 2:30pm.  For those of you
participating please indicate a preferential day and the amount of time
required for the demo and we will try to use this as a place holder to begin
forming a schedule. We need to be mindful of set-up and breakdown when we
are allocating blocks of time.

Regarding fees, there will be some type of assessment, probably less than
the 500USD mentioned earlier because the connectivity is more reasonable
than anticipated. Also, this amount will be affected by the total number of

I am pleased to let you know that we will have room availability for TC
meetings, please contact me ASAP with your request.

We would like to have a working 'schedule' by the end of next week.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Best regards,

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