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Subject: Rel 82

The original document was difficult to work from as far as how to deal 
with conceivably different
values for the optional group removeAfter attribute for messages in the 
same group.
For example, most recent message's value could take precedence, or the 
maximum or minimum value
could win.  Rel 57 clarified that the most recent timeout takes 
precedence, though I don't believe
it's in the original specification.
Maximum idle time also seems legitimate, but it would be helpful to 
clarify which parameters
take precedence over which when in conflict, and explicitly that the 
last group values
overwrite previous assumptions, and if null values indicate default to 
service-level parameters
or default to previous parameters in the group if any?
I think it would be good to have service-level default 
parameters/policies for cases where
the header doesn't contain the parameters.

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