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wsrm message

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Subject: Closing Rel-87

Rel 87 should be closed, because 
it was agreed in the F2F in September,
and already updated in the spec WD 0.52.



REL-87 Spec  meta Design Active Sunil Kunisetty Sunil Kunisetty 
Title: New WS-R Headers 
Here is a proposal for WS-R Headers based on REL-36, REL-39, REL-46.
We will have 4 Headers. Once we finalize it, I can create a schema.
- GroupId - MessageID [RFC2822]
- SequenceNumber- MessageID [RFC2822]
- TimeStamp UTC
- TTL or MED or whatever UTC
- ReplyPattern -STRING
- ReplyTo attribute - uri

- AckRequested
- DuplicateElimination
- MessageOrder
- status attribute = Begin, Continue, End

- RefToMessaageId - - MessageID [RFC2392] (see REL-37)
(Should be changed to RefToGroupId/RefToSequenceNumber)

Fault - QNAME

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