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wsrm message

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Subject: Proposed resolution for REL-78: Attachments

Here is a proposed resolution for REL-78,
especially for Attachments:

Proposed Resolution:
Create a new section "Section 2.9 Attachments" and
include the following description: 
2.9 Attachments
When this spec was used with W3C SOAP messages with 
Attachments specification, the following rules MUST be met:
 1) The very first MIME part MUST include whole SOAP envelope
     with WS-Reliability header elements. And the charset of
     Content-Header MUST be either UTF-8 or UTF-16.
 2) Zero or more application payload(s) MAY be included in
     other MIME part.




  <title>Meet <b>Compatibility, R8.1</b> requirement</title>
  <section />
  <originator />
  <responsible />
  <description>The Specification should be usable with other
  open standard technologies, if appropriate.<br />R8.1.1<br
  />The Specification shall not preclude the use of Web
  Service message attachments.  (see also issue <a
  href="#xREL-10">REL-10</a>)<br />R8.1.2<br />Insure that
  the Specification is usable in combination with WSS SOAP
  Message Security to implement secure reliable messaging.
  (see also issue <a
  <proposal />
  <resolution />

W3C SOAP messages with Attachments:


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