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wsrm message

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Subject: Rel 33

Title: Rel 33

My proposal for Rel33:

- We need first to define "delivery" of a message (also needed for other RM features):

"action of transfering the responsibility to process further a message,
from the RMP and onto the next processor entity. This action marks
the end of the RMP processing for this message. The time at which this action
occurs must be clearly indentifiable so that the next message processor
can always establish in which order two deliveries are made.

Examples of delivery are: pushing the message in a queue accessible by an application,
calling back an application component, storing the message in a database where
it is accessible by the next processor."

Then the Ack semantics is simply:

"An acknowledgement is sent for a message or made available to its Sender
after the  delivery operation is successful and complete for this message."

So its aligned with (4) from Sunil below:
1) "make it available to the application/user".
2) "make it available to the next layer".
3) "RMP passing responsibility for the message to the user"
[I copied this from the Tom's meeting minutes as Pete W. saying so]
4) "Transferring the responsibility to the next layer".
[i vaguely recollect someone saying it in the call.]


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