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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Need to rethink semantics of duplicate elimination behaviour


 This semantics will be very confusing as it will result in DuplicateMessage
 fault (which indirectly indicates an Ack.) before the actual Ack. itself.

 Take the case of ordered group in which msg. 2 was missing and msg. 3
 of received. Since it is not delivered, it will not be Ack-ed. Assume
 your new proposal. If msg. 3 is tried, a NewDuplicateMsg fault will be
 sent. Assume 2 was finally delivered. Then the receiver will send the
 original Ack...

 For Sender, it will be very confusing to receive the Ack. AFTER receiving
 a DuplicateMsg. fault.


Tom Rutt wrote:

> Based on our current thinking, we are not sending an ack until the
> message is actually delivered.
> Thus in the ordered delivery held waiting for prior message state, an
> RMP may receive several
> retransmits of that held, and thus not acknowledged message.
> In such a case, the receiving rmp should respond to sending rmp
> regarding its receipt of the duplicate message with an appropirate
> DuplicateMessage fault.
> Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think we need to clean up the
> semantics of this from what is in the current draft.
> Tom Rutt
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