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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Need to rethink semantics of duplicate elimination behaviour


I am not sure what you mean.  A message may be resent after the 
receiving application has processed it.  The previous acknowledgment 
could easily have been lost.  In effect, the sender is performing the 
resend in order to retrieve the missing acknowledgment.  Of course, that 
sender does not know or care whether the original message or the 
acknowledgment was lost.

This all means we need acknowledgments for all messages sent reliably 
whether duplicates or not.


On 16-Dec-03 14:31, Jacques Durand wrote:

> + 1 on no faults for dups.
> But the end of your mail is ambiguous on one point:
>  >I would propose we do not add these dupOfWhatever faults in the first
>  >place and simply return acknowledgements.
> given  the Ack semantics agreed on (ack-on-delivery),
> no acks will be sent for dups - which is fine.
> Jacques


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