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wsrm message

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Subject: more editorial comments

Title: more editorial comments

Section 2: Messaging Model:
- need to more explicitly state the assumed properties of this
"underlying protocol" . We implicitly assume it is
a request-response messaging protocol. We should state so beforehand.
Because SOAP by itself does not assume this (unless bound to HTTP).
An important consequence of this Messaging Model, is that WS-R 1.1 only covers
reliability of business "requests", not of business "Responses".

Section 5: HTTP binding:
- need to remind that this spec does not cover reliability for business messages
over HTTP responses (e.g. as may occur with WSDL req-resp operations).

More generally we should say a word about the WSDL MEPs that the spec covers:
(a) reliability of One-way ops is fully addressed.
(b) reliability of Request-response ops is only covered on the Request side. (and I think we
could be more specific here, as only guaranteed delivery of the response causes problem
and would need be adapted, per our past investigation.)

Iwasa, I can propose a wording  for these, if this mail raises no further discussion.


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