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wsrm message

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Subject: Revised Agenda for Redwood F2F meeting

Opps, I forgot to put in the State Chart review and discussion

I put this in this revised agenda for Wed afternoon.

Tom Rutt

Tom Rutt		email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@fsw.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

Title: *Proposed Agenda:*

WSRM Face To Face Proposed Agenda:

Wednesday Jan 14 – 16, 2004

Oracle Conference Center

350 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores CA 94065

Conference Bridge Call in Info:  Each day (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, with possible extension to 12:00 Noon if required each day) 

Host: Fujitsu
Toll only :  1-512-225-3050
Participant code: 89772
(NOT toll-free !)

Wed Jan 14: AM:   Note: Roll call is on Wednesday Morning you must be present or on bridge to have attendance count for voting rights.


8:30       Coffee and Continental Breakfast

9:00       Start Roll Call, Review of Agenda and Identification of input contributions

9:15       Approval of 1/06 minutes

9:30       Walk thru of WS draft/ Schema to confirm reflection of accepted resolutions

10:15      Triage of Open Issues (arrange in priority)

10:30       Break

10:45       Resolution of Config Parameter Issues Rel(56, 83 84, 85, 86)

12:00       Lunch begins




1:00 PM   - Detailed WS-Reliability Editor’s Draft Walk thru

a)      Check for usage of Optionality “SHOULD, MUST, MAY, etc” (Rel 22)

b)      Determine candidates for Optional Implementation (Rel 29)

2:30     Break

3:00      Discussion of Rel 49 Non normative wsdl annotation Specification

3:30      Discussion of UML State Charts

5:00      Homework assignments and meeting recess


Thursday Jan 15



8:30        Coffee

9:00        Review of Homework Assignments and Continued Issue Resolution

10:30      Break

10:45      Resolution of “Requirments” Issues (Rel 59-79)




12:00      Lunch

1:00        Continue Resolution of Requirements issues

2:30        Break

3:00        Resume Discussion of Issue resolutions

3:30        Discussion on Conformance issues (Rel 29) for Sender and Receiver RMPs

5:00       Discussion of Homework Assignments, and meeting recess


Friday Jan 16:


8:30 Coffee

9:00           Review of Homework Assignments/proposals

9:30           Continuation of Conformance Discussion

10:30         Break

10:45         Review WS-Reliability Spec / Schema and assign subteams to clean up descriptions and examples.

12:00         Lunch




1:00            Discussion of Timing for Deliverables and Future Interop Demo plans

2:30            Break

3:00            Concluding discussions

4:00            Future Meeting Planning and Wrapup

5:00            Meeting Adjourns

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