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Subject: [REL-49]proposal for REL-49

 This proposal not only addresses the main issue as mentioned in REL 49,
 but it also touches upon the client side config that was mentioned in other
 issues.  I'd like to discuss this more at the F2F

 Salient points are:

  Once we finalize the schema, we could define them in the same schema we are
  defining for the WSRM SOAP Headers and use the same namespace.

 Example of a <service-config> usage inside the operation 'foorBar'.

<portType name="fooPortType">
  <operation name="fooBar">

    <wsrm:service-config xmlns:wsrm="some URI" wsdl:required="true">
        <!-- Spec. version>
        <!-- We can also have some kind of capability parameters



            <!-- List the reply patterns supported by this service.
                   Can have one or more such patterns -->
                    Callback  <!—possible values are Response/Callback/Polling ->


     <input message="fooMessageIn" />
     <input message="fooMessageOut>

Client side config sample:

<wsrm:client-config xmlns:wsrm="some URI">
    <!-- No. of retries to send for non ack. messages  and return interval -->
          <wsrm:retry-interval>10</wsrm:retry-interval>  <!-- 10 secs

     <!-- Can have only one such pattern. If the pattern is 'Callback',
            the reply-to attribute can also be used -->
     <wsrm:reply-pattern wsrm:reply-to="SomeURIToSendAcksAndFaults">
            Callback  <!—possible values are Response/Callback/Polling ->



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