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Subject: Groups - WS-Reliability-2004-01-15.sxw uploaded

The document revision WS-Reliability-2004-01-15.sxw has been submitted by Kazunori Iwasa (kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com) to the OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging TC document repository.  
This document is revision #9 of WS-Reliability-2003-09-05.sxw.

Document Description:
This was Updated for:
Prelim Wed minutes on 1/14/2004 at:
It includes:
Rel33: New definitions in 1.8(deliver, submit, notify)
Rel37: editorial change in 3.1.1
Rel40: editorial change in 3.1.3
Rel44: updates for 3.1.1
Rel51: change definition for Message Acknowledgment
Rel52: Moved some of 3.1.1(line546-571) to 2.5.1
Rel98: removed informative notes in 2.4
Tables: Changed “Required” to “Cardinality” (Yes-1, No-0) 
The following resolutions are not updated yet:
Rel 83-86 and 56: 
Change of element names and location(Eg. GroupId -> MessageId)

This was updated for comments at :
except for:
- More faults for Tables1
(Need to list up all faults)
- Section2.4 Line#259 in Spec20040106(Ver0.85): It should read "after the message has been processed and delivered to the "next processing layer".
(Need to confirm with TC for this change, since the current text was approved one.)
- Figure1,2,and3 “New processor Entity”
(Want to confirm with TC member) 
-New terminologies for “Group Termination”, “Removal”, “Complete”, and others.
(Needs definitions)

And other editorial updates are also done.

Section2.4, Section2.5, and Section
3.1.1 are updated to incorporate
resolutions for Rel-52, Rel-57, and Rel-

WD0.84:This was updated for:
Rel-33:Section 1.8: Update on Message Delivery and Acknowledgment Message,
Rel-50:Section 3.1.3 ExpiryTime, and
Editorial updates

WD0.83:This was updated for:
Section2.6: Added description of Figure3
Section3: Added tables for each element
Rel-31: Section2.5
Rel-38: Timestamp was removed from Section 3
Rel-100: Added Section2.9 Attachments
Rel-32: Added definitions to Section1.8 
Rel-94: Figure5 and Section 3.3
(Needs additional descriptions and examples in Section3.3)
Editorial updates, especially for :
All editorial comments above are updated except one, which is a comment for line 357, to keep consistency with other sections. 

WD0.70:This was updated for
Section 2 : Messaging Models
Section 3 : Message Format,and others
Section 5 : HTTP Binding 
Editorial updates

WD0.54:This was updated for 
Issue Rel-38 : Section 3.1.3 Timestamp
Issue Rel-98 : Section 3.1.2 and 3.2.3
Issue Rel-40 : Section 3.1.4
Issue Rel-88 : Section 3.1.1
Issue Rel-16 : Section 3.2.1 to 3.2.3
Issue Rel-14 : Appendix C
Editorial update
WD0.52:This was updated with resolution from Prelim minutes for 4/Sep/2003 at:

I believe all resolved issues are updated in this WD. 

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This document is revision #9 of WS-Reliability-2003-09-05.sxw.  The document details page referenced above will show the complete revision history

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