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Subject: FW: [wsrm] WS-Reliability inconsistent with WS-I ??

Title: WS-Reliability inconsistent with WS-I ??
never mind ... i just saw Rel 93 ...
-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Hansen [mailto:khookguy@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 12:25 PM
To: WSRM-TC (E-mail)
Subject: [wsrm] WS-Reliability inconsistent with WS-I ??

Does it matter to this TC that using the HTTP response to return a WS-Reliability ACK or Fault from WSDL "one-way" endpoints violates the WS-I Basic Profile (see R2714)?  To me, that would seem to be a good reason to NOT endorse using the HTTP response in this way, and instead to send ACK/Fault as a separate HTTP req/resp (what we used to call "asynchronous response").

Perhaps you have addressed this issue, and I just missed it (in which case I appologize).

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