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Subject: Comments on WS-Reliability-2004-01-15.pdf (0.87)

I realise that some of these may be made out of date by the version of
the spec that has just been posted.


Tony Graham
XML Technology Center - Dublin                     Phone: +353 1 8199708
Sun Microsystems				              x(70)19708
Hamilton House, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, Ireland

Line	Comment

263-294	These sections should be moved to after Section 4, SOAP Fault,
	because they use many terms that have not been introduced yet.

	This section uses the terms "start", "end", "ExpiryTime",
	"max(ExpiryTime)", "GroupId value", "SequenceNumber
	intervals", "groupExpriryTime", "groupMaxIdleDuration",
	"InvalidGroupParameter fault", "status=start", and
	'status="end"'.  (Note also the absence of quotes around
	"start" and their presence around "end".)

269	Should "Group Termination and State Removal Criteria" be a
	section title?

542, 721
        The text does not indicate that PollRequest can appear more
        than once in a SOAP Header.

554     The meaning of "Cardinality" isn't obvious (and the word isn't
	in the Concise Oxford Dictionary), especially since elements
	such as MessageOrder that can appear zero or one times are
	shown as having the same cardinality as elements such as
	PollRequest that can appear zero or more times.

732	The text does not indicate that GroupId (or MessageId) can
	appear more than once in a PollRequest element.

748	While a PollRequest can request acknowledgment of a messages
	with a range of sequence number values, it is not clear what
	happens when one or more of the messages in that range caused

        Consider, for example, a sequence of messages with the same
	GroupId and sequence numbers 0 to 4 sent using the Poll reply
	pattern.  If message 1 fails with an InvalidMessageHeader
	fault and message 3 fails with an InvalidRequest fault, what
	is the expected response for a PollRequest element containing
	<SequenceNumberRange from="0" to="4"/>?

754	What is the expected correspondence between the value of the
	SequenceNumberRange (or SequenceNumRange) element and the
	value of its 'from' and 'to' attributes?

	The schema indicates that this is an empty element.

762	"Response Element" should have the style of a section title.

790-795 This paragraph should look like a paragraph.

796	Same comment as for line 754.

807	The Fault element does not have the same sort of table as the
	other element definitions.

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