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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Comments on WS-Reliability-2004-01-15.pdf (0.87)




> 542, 721
>         The text does not indicate that PollRequest can appear more
>         than once in a SOAP Header.

 For simplicity sake, lets say that spec. should mandate atmost one
 PollRequest. This won't be a limitation as one can have one or more
 RefToMessageIds elements in it, be it for the same group or different.

 Advantage of having atmost one PollRequest is that Fault processing
 will be simple.

> 732     The text does not indicate that GroupId (or MessageId) can
>         appear more than once in a PollRequest element.

 Yes, RefToMessageIds can appear more than once.

> 748     While a PollRequest can request acknowledgment of a messages
>         with a range of sequence number values, it is not clear what
>         happens when one or more of the messages in that range caused
>         faults.
>         Consider, for example, a sequence of messages with the same
>         GroupId and sequence numbers 0 to 4 sent using the Poll reply
>         pattern.  If message 1 fails with an InvalidMessageHeader
>         fault and message 3 fails with an InvalidRequest fault, what
>         is the expected response for a PollRequest element containing
>         <SequenceNumberRange from="0" to="4"/>?

 Here is what I had in my proposal for Rel 94:

 1.InvalidGroupId:  Even if one of the GroupIds are wrong or invalid, this
fault will be sent.
  2.InvalidSequenceNumber: Even if one of the SequenceNumbers is wrong or
     this fault will be generated and sent.

 Essentially, all or none approach wrt to Faults. We should be able to share
the above
 Status values with Fault  Codes. Note both  are QNAME types and hence

 So essentially your example will result in a Fault.

> 754     What is the expected correspondence between the value of the
>         SequenceNumberRange (or SequenceNumRange) element and the
>         value of its 'from' and 'to' attributes?
>         The schema indicates that this is an empty element.

 Schema is correct in this case and Iwasa fixed this in the latest version/
 It is indeed an empty element.


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