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Subject: Commnets to Accepted issues

Title: proposal for issue #___ (Ack on dupl)

Here is my comments to Accepted issues.

Accepted Issues
id Title Status Topic Class Spec Section

REL-39 ReplyTo Accepted feature Design Spec 3.2.2
Done in 3.1.4.
This is now optional attribute.

REL-47 Retry count/time Accepted feature Design Spec 2.2.2
This should be closed since this issue is marged into Rel56.

REL-53 Remove all mention of MessageId Accepted feature Design Spec all
Done throught the spec.

REL-75 Meet Realization, R7.2 (multiple ack) requirement Accepted feature
Design Spec
For polling, it is clarified in the spec.
We may want to clarify for other binding pattern also.

REL-81 Maximum message lifetime/duration parameter Accepted def Design Spec
I believe this was closed with resolution of timing issues and RM agreement

REL-34 Figure 4 needs refinement Accepted meta Editorial Spec 3
Done in Figure4.



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