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Subject: Rel 49 complement

Title: Rel 49 complement

As a complement to the Rel49 rsolution from Sunil,
I propose to define more abstractly the concept that Sunil proposes to represent in the WSDL:
RM Capability, and to add the following section at the end of the RM Agreement section,
(so that it has an existence independent from WSDL, and so that we can relate it to the RM Agreement): 



RM Capabilities

The ability of an RMP to support items of the RM Agreement can be represented by an RM Capability. The RM Capability of an RMP is a subset of the previous RM Agreement items, with a set of supported values for each of them. Example:

        GuaranteedDelivery (enabled, disabled)
        AtMostOnceDelivery (enabled, disabled)
        GuaranteedOrdering (disabled)
        ReplyPattern ("response", "poll")

The RM Capability above tells that GuaranteedDelivery and AtMostOnceDelivery RM Agreement items are supported, but  GuaranteedOrdering is not ("disabled" only), and all reply patterns except "callback" are supported. The RM Capability of a Web service can be represented in its definition document (WSDL) (see Appendix ...).

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