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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Review for W3C XMLP WG

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com> wrote at Fri, 02 Apr 2004 12:47:07 -0800:
> I have been tasked with reviewing the WS-Reliability public draft for
> the W3C XML Protocol Working Group.  If anyone is aware of any SOAP-
> related issues or concerns that should be brought to the attention of
> that group, please let me know by Monday, so that I can include them.

I don't know if it is an issue for XMLP, but I noticed today that the
draft lists SOAP 1.2 as normative and SOAP 1.1 as non-normative
references yet all the examples use SOAP 1.1 namespaces.


Tony Graham
Web Products, Technologies and Standards           Phone: +353 1 8199708
Sun Microsystems                                              x(70)19708
East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, Ireland

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