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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Comments on CD 0.992

 Jun -

Jun Tatemura wrote:

> I have one clarification question and some editorial comments.
> Jun Tatemura
> NEC Laboratories America
> -----
> A clarification question:
> How the receiver RMP can return InvalidPollRequest fault in a Response
> element whereas a PollRequest message does not have MessageId?

  I'm not sure I understand your qn. clearly. Are you asking when do we send
  InvalidPollRequest fault or are you asking why doesn't PollRequest contain

 If it is the former, InvalidPollRequest fault is sent when the RefToMessageId
 element is missing or doesn't contain soap:MustUnderstand attribute...

 It doesn't contain MessageId because we are not doing RM features per say
 on the Poll request itself. Most Poll requests will be sync. request-response
 type and hence doesn't need any correlation mechanism and even it is an
 async request, we are treating it as a 'stateless' call.

 Let me know if I haven't clarified your question or if your concern is altogether



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