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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Comments on CD 0.992

My question was how we can compose a Response element that include

First, let me make sure the following understandings on sending
InvalidPollRequest are correct:
- InvalidPollRequest is included in Invalid Message Format fault set.
- It is sent by the receiver RMP within the response header element.
- In a Response element, fault code can appear only as attributes of
a NonSequenceReply element or a (SequenceReplies/)ReplyRange element.

Then, suppose, in Example 7 (PollRequest), the groupIds in
RefToMessageIds elements are invalid. How can we compose a Response
element with InvalidPollRequest fault included?

The only way I can come up with is following structure (i.e., using 
inquired groupIds)
since the PollRequest message itself has no messageId (as in Figure 6):

<Response ...>
<NonSequenceReply groupId="mid://20040202.103832@oasis-open.org";
   fault="InvalidPollRequest" />
<NonSequenceReply groupId="mid://20040202.103811@oasis-open.org";
   fault="InvalidPollRequest" />
<NonSequenceReply groupId="mid://20040202.103807@oasis-open.org";
   fault="InvalidPollRequest" />

Is this correct (even though the groupIds used are invalid)?

If the above Response element is correct, then I don't know how I can
send a fault on the following PollRequest:

<PollRequest ...>

This is from examples in Table 16, i.e., "When the required RefToMessageId
element is missing."
Note that we don't have any groupId.
How can we compose a Response element with fault?

Jun Tatemura
NEC Laboratories America

Sunil Kunisetty wrote:

> Jun -
>Jun Tatemura wrote:
>>I have one clarification question and some editorial comments.
>>Jun Tatemura
>>NEC Laboratories America
>>A clarification question:
>>How the receiver RMP can return InvalidPollRequest fault in a Response
>>element whereas a PollRequest message does not have MessageId?
>  I'm not sure I understand your qn. clearly. Are you asking when do we send
>  InvalidPollRequest fault or are you asking why doesn't PollRequest contain
>  MessageId?
> If it is the former, InvalidPollRequest fault is sent when the RefToMessageId
> element is missing or doesn't contain soap:MustUnderstand attribute...
> It doesn't contain MessageId because we are not doing RM features per say
> on the Poll request itself. Most Poll requests will be sync. request-response
> type and hence doesn't need any correlation mechanism and even it is an
> async request, we are treating it as a 'stateless' call.
> Let me know if I haven't clarified your question or if your concern is altogether
> different.
> <snip>
> -Sunil

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