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Subject: Action item 040604-2 - Proposals

Here are proposals on Action item 040604-2 by Sunil and Jun.

Jun Tatemura
NEC Laboratories America

Proposal [1]
We should remove the first bullet item for InvalidPollRequest
in Table 16 (Section 4.5.1)
 > 1. When the required RefToMessageId element is missing
since the receiver cannnot send fault back without receiving

Proposal [2]
We should add the following sentences before the example 9
for clarification:
Note that there MAY be cases where in the Receiver RMP MAY not be able 
to send fault
messages with invalid message headers such as:
- The replyTo attribute is missing or invalid when it is required such 
as for
  Callback and Async. Poll cases
- The MessageId element is missing for Request element.
- The RefToMessageIds is missing for PollRequest element.

Proposal [3]
We should add the following example after the example 9
for clarifrication:
Example 10 Fault Message for PollRequest message

If PollRequest element in Example 7 were missing soap:mustUnderstand
attribute, the InvalidPollRequest fault MAY be sent as follows.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/";>
     soap:mustUnderstand="1" replyPattern="Poll">
     <SequenceReplies groupId="mid://20040202.103832@oasis-open.org/";>
         <ReplyRange from="0" to="5" fault="InvalidPollRequest"/>
         <ReplyRange from="15" to="20" fault="InvalidPollRequest"/>
     <NonSequenceReply groupId="mid://20040202.103811@oasis-open.org/";
     <SequenceReplies groupId="mid://20040202.103807@oasis-open.org/";>
         <ReplyRange from="713" to="6150" fault="InvalidPollRequest"/>
<soap:Body />

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