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Subject: Re: [wsrm] detailed updates entailed by removing @status

 Schema changes for this would be as follows:
    - Remove SequenceNumberStatusType
    - Remove the 'status' attribute definition in  SequenceNumberType
    - Add a new attribute by name 'last' of type xsd:boolean
      and with default being 'false'

 So the new definition of SequenceNumberType will be:

    <xsd:complexType name="SequenceNumberType">
       <xsd:extension base="wsrm:EmptyType">
        <xsd:attribute name="number" type="xsd:unsignedLong"/>
        <xsd:attribute name="last" type="xsd:boolean"
    use="optional" default="false"/>
        <xsd:attribute name="groupExpiryTime" type="xsd:dateTime"
        <xsd:attribute name="groupMaxIdleDuration" type="xsd:duration"


Jacques Durand wrote:


Detail of changes in the draft, when replacing @status with @last, and adding more details
on group sequence number:



-Example 1: remove @status="Start"
-Example 5: remove @status="Start"
-sec Line 697, replace @status with @last.

-Example 6:  remove @status="Start", remove @status="Continue"

-Table 3: replace @status with @last (which should be of type boolean).

-sec Subsection (3) on Number attribute: add after Ln737:
"The Number attribute MUST have a value between 0 and 18446744073709551615
(maximum value for XMLschema unsignedlong). As the Number value is incremented of 1
for each message submitted to the Sender RMP, once the value reaches the maximum
the group is terminated (see Section 5). "

-sec Subsection (4) on Status attribute: replace (line752-762) with:
(title)(4) Last attribute:
This attribute is used to mark the end of a group, when its last message is known from the Sender
before the message is sent. When this attribute is present, its boolean value has the following meaning:
- False: Indicating the message is not the last message of the group, or is not known to be
the last message of the group. (default value)
- True: Indicating the message is known to be the last message sent within a group of messages.

-Table 16 (InvalidMessageParameter entry): replace the case with @status (-> @last)

-sec 5.1.1, line 1118. (handled with new proposed wording for Section 5)
-sec 5.1.2, line 1127. (handled with new proposed wording for Section 5)
-Sec 5.1.3, Termination T3, T4. (handled with new proposed wording for Section 5)

-Example 10: remove @status="Start"
-Example 12: remove @status="Start"

- change schema: remove @status and add @last.

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