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Subject: reworded section on agreements

Title: reworded section on agreements

Following Martin comments, and reflecting latest editorial decisions of today,
here is a draft of an independent section for the RM Agreement.

- used the new expression "sending RMP" instead of "Sender RMP", etc.
- 2.1, 2.2: better introduction to the Agreement concept, more suitable for an independent section.
- 2.3 and 2.4: updated the list of agreement items with decision to remove Retry parameters,
fixed the type (date/time) of some items.
- 2.4: see proposed rewording of scoping requirements at the end of 2.4 (previous one was too strict)

Note that not much has been added for the features & properties part, which is still
at this time in Appendix. My recommendation would be to have no more
than an introduction of this in the Agreement section, explaining the overall rationale of
advertising the agreements supported by a WS (or "capabilities") , in WSDL.




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