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wsrm message

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Subject: Comments on WS-R by Chris Ferris in his presentation accepted by the TC as public comment

Pubic review comments from Chris Ferris:


Cf1:  Two schemas and namespaces are unnecessary for two soap versions.



Cf2:  Why are soap faults not used for RM-Fault?



Cf3: Not Acking until delivery to the application causes unnecessary delays?



Cf4: Unclear if the spec can compose with WS-Addressing or WS-MD?



Cf5: Persistence model will not work on devices with non volatile storage?



Cf6:  Mandatory Expiry time requires synchronization of clocks:



Cf7:  There is unnecessary complexity in the spec, headers have unnecessary elements

making them larger than necessary?



Cf8: The spec does not state that every delivered message MUST be acknowledged.



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