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wsrm message

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Subject: Updated Action Item list

  Pending action items


    Action editors-1 – (Marc and Doug) Pending


Ø Marc G and Doug B to updated issues list to reflect agreements in CD 

- open



    Action 042004-1 – (Jacques) Pending


Action: Jacques will propose the text changes to the document to remove 
retry parameters

Provided for the agreements section 1, still open for section 3 and the annex


    Action 042904-1 – (Tom and Iwasa) Pending

/ /

Action: Iwasa and Tom will provide text for the new fault code and the 
reference to it in the section of text Alan cites.

    Action 042904-2 – (Sunil) Pending

/ /

Action: Sunil will update schema for new fault code in the message 
processing failures sector.

    Action 042904-3 – (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took an action item to propose this new subsection on special 
considerations for wsdl request/response operations.

    Action 042904-4 – (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took action item to add appropriate text to also clarify that an 
RM-Fault must be returned if the message cannot be delivered because the 
requested reply pattern is not supported

    Action 042904-5 – (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took an action on where to move the current section 3.4, with 
perhaps a re-title of section 3. Jacques will also propose a new 
document structure to accommodate this and other problems he encounters

    Action 042904-6 – (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took action item to propose appropriate change to using word 
application (perhaps producer/consumer).

    Action 042904-7 – (Iwasa) completed

Action: Iwasa to apply all editorial changes from Tony’s mail, except 
for those he considers in need of discussion.

Completed on 4/30, there are a few comments that require further 
discussion at May 4 TC teleconf.

    Action 042904-8 – (Tom) Pending

Action: Tom should put out a call for IPR claims.

    Action 042904-9 – (Jacques) Pending

Action on Jacques: incorporate his new Agreement section while doing the 
document restructure.

    Action 042904-10 – (Bob F) Pending

Bob F took action to lead a team to provide an initial draft of the 
comparison paper of WS-Reliability/WS-ReliableMessaging, for review by 
the TC. Sunil and Jacques joined the team.

    Action 042904-11 – (Jacques) Pending

Action: Jacques will lead a team to ensure the terminology used in the 
spec is consistent with normative terms in the soap spec. Pete W will 
work with Jacques to provide a proposal to resolve this.

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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